Marketing Audit Service

Let Us Show You What's Really Happening In Your Marketing Department with our Marketing Audits done right.

Do you ever feel like you lack control over your business’s marketing? That you can’t quite understand what it is that your marketing agency or team is doing?

We started Marketing Audit Agency to become the first 100% objective marketing audit service available, giving you peace of mind that you chose the best people for the job.

We're Here To Build Trust Between You and Your Marketing and Sales Team

A New Approach

Marketing is a black box to many business owners—and we noticed that many marketing departments exploit this to their advantage. To cover for poor performance or earn a pat on the back, they sometimes adjust data or focus on the wrong metrics.

Enter Marketing Audit Agency. But even here, we noticed a problem: marketing agencies offering third-party audits would often pressure departments to utilize their services, making their reports biased.

It always frustrated us to see how charismatic, well-branded agencies get hired when they lacked the actual knowledge to help a business grow.

Our mission at Marketing Audit Agency is to sort the bad from the good, helping you make sure you have a team you can trust to grow your business. 

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marketing audit agency report example - marketing audit service

About Our Marketing Audit Service

Who We Are

A Team of Experts

Our team of experts has over a decade of in-house and agency marketing experience. Knowing the inside of marketing departments and agencies gives us the ability to see what's really going on when the boss is not around.

Complete Analysis

Our marketing audit service analyzes every aspect of your business's marketing. We'll look into your CRM automation, speed to lead, lead quality, etc. We'll even personally talk to your employees/agency to learn more about what your admissions, recruiters, or sales team is doing.

Our Promise

We give your our word that we will never upsell you on any marketing service other than auditing. We are not trying to replace your current team or agency! We're purely here to show you—in an unbiased, objective manner—whether the people you hired are living up to their job description.

What We Do

Complete Auditing

Full-blown auditing of your marketing advertising platforms, including SEO, online ads, and social media platforms.

Forensic Discovery

We're here to separate the good guys from the bad. Our team of experts will interview every employee in your marketing department or agency to see exactly what's going on.

Full Unbiased Reporting

We'll give you our opinion, using our own unique metrics to measure your team's efficiency, planning, and character. We'll give you a report showing the current status quo and where things can be improved.

Our Valuable Clients

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